Biological Banana Cleanser (200ml)

Improvement starts with an intense cleansing regime. Our silky cleansing cream is made for gentle cleansing to easily remove make-up and dirt. The organic plant ingredients such as Banana, Shea butter, and Almond oil. The plant stem cells stimulate cell repair on your skin. Made in the Netherlands.


Biological Wash Gel (200ml)

This Purifying Gel Wash is specially developed for sensitive to all skin types. It is enriched with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (ALOE VERA), whose main characteristic is to cleanse the skin to perfection. Our Wash gel is biological and it removes dirt, oil and contaminants completely without drying out the skin. A delicious vegan-friendly cleanser that leaves you with the best condition for the skin to regain balance. Made in the Netherlands.


Clay Red Konjac Detox Face Sponge

Red Clay Konjac sponge purifies the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and the regeneration process.


How to Use:


  • BIO Banana Cleanser:

Apply a small amount of cleanser to the fingertips. Divide the cleanser over the face. Massage in for one minute. Rinse with water.


  • Bio Wash Gel:  

Moisturize your face. Distribute an appropriate amount of gel on the face and massage the gel around with our Konjac Sponge. Then rinse with water and allow the skin to dry 


  • Clay Red Konjac Sponge:

*Soak the sponge in water until it's soft. Then gently squeeze out excess water.

*Massage the cleaning sponge in a circular motion over your face for gentle cleansing.
*Wash the sponge after each use, squeeze carefully and let it dry in a well-ventilated place.

Deep Clean X Set

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