BIO Wash Gel 200ml

This Purifying Gel Wash is a beautiful and cleansing gel specially developed for all skin types. It is enriched with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (ALOE VERA), whose main characteristic is to cleanse the skin to perfection. Our Wash gel is biological origin, it removes dirt, oil, and contaminants completely without drying out the skin. A delicious vegan-friendly cleanser that leaves you with the best condition for the skin to regain balance.


The skin is nourished and the moisture-lipid balance is not affected. Skin feels clean, smooth, soft, and looks radiant. Suitable for the normal to dry and dry skin types.


  • Vegan Friendly
  • Organic
  • Perfume (Allergen Free)
  •  free of: Gluten-Free, Silicone, PEG, Paraben, Plastic, Oil and SLS


Rose Quartz Facial Roller:

Known as the ‘love stone’, rose quartz signifies channels of love, positivity and has been used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians to fight signs of aging.


Gua Sha Stone:

Designed to enhance your natural beauty, this gemstone stimulates circulation while de-puffing, lifting, sculpting the face, neck, shoulders, and decolletage Use with your favorite serums and oils to release facial tension and create a smoother, brighter complexion.


Dolly Skincare Headband:

*Good elasticity: It is of good elasticity, easy to fit your head size.

*Less Waste: The headbands are washable and reusable, ultra-absorbent water.

*Multifunctional Usage: The headband will be more convenient while washing face, doing sports, playing yoga, or any time you want to hold your hair.


How to use:


Use our Skincare Headband to protect your hair from your skincare routine.


  • Bio Wash gel:

Distribute an appropriate amount of gel on the face and massage the gel around with our Konjac Sponge. Then rinse with water and allow the skin to dry


  • Massage your skin with the jade roller:

*Place the face roller in the middle of your face and roll it horizontally towards your ears with light pressure. Use the small side of the roller under your eyes.
*Work your way down the cheeks to the chin. Use the big side of the roller here. At the forehead, place the face roller in the middle and roll out towards the temples.
*Finally, use the face roller around the mouth. Roll gently over your upper lip, lower lip, and chin.


  • Guasha:

To tone the neck, glide the guasha tool up towards the jaw, starting at the base near the collarbone. Move up from the center, then work your way around the side of the neck until you reach your shoulder, always working the tool upwards. Make sure you still have plenty of oil on the skin so you don’t pull or cause any irritation.

Rose Skincare Spa Set

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