Our Story.

I'm from Latin America and was raised surrounded by women who have always used natural products for their skincare and even to cure some diseases. My grandmother taught us that the best for the care of your skin are the natural products that we have at home. I always liked to accompany her in her beauty routines and she taught me what products to use and what were the benefits for each of them.


I was born with very sensitive skin and it blemishes from everything, that is why I spent a large part of my life learning how could I help my skin in the best way, and share it with others who have the same skin condition as me. During all this time I learned that the best way to do it is with natural products that will help you in the long term without bringing any side effects. Most of the products on the market have many chemicals that don't really help and they end up making your skin worse, this is one of the reasons I have always used natural homemade products.


BetterNatural was born with the objective of encouraging people to combat their skin problems by using natural products and tools. Making them feel confident with fabulous and healthy skin without the chemical side effects or going through unpleasant procedures. Our product line is cruelty free, vegan and based on biological ingredients.


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